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While owning any Chevy model is rewarding on its own, there is a program that will give you additional rewards just for being a Chevy owner. Learn about the My Chevy Rewards and what it offers:

My Chevy Reward Program Details
This program gives you points every time you make a purchase. You can then redeem these points on future purchases, which can help save a lot of money. The My Chevy Rewards program involves three steps:

1. Start By Enrolling
Signing up for the My Chevy Rewards program is quick and easy. And once you do it, you will immediately get 1,000 points. Plus, we can give you a customized experience if you put in details about your birthday, hobbies, and interests.

2. Then Start Earning
When you’re all signed up, you can start earning your points. When you get service for your vehicle or you buy Chevy accessories, you will earn six points for every $1 spent. If you buy or lease a new model, you will get 20,000 points.

3. Now You Can Redeem
Remember, the more you spend, the more points you get. And for future purchases, you can redeem them. These points can be used towards service, accessories, new vehicles, or even Chevrolet Connected Services or OnStar® plans.

Enroll in My Chevy Rewards Today
Want to start earning points for your Chevy purchases? Sign up for the My Chevy Rewards program. If your car needs some service, you will immediately begin to accumulate these points, and they can add up very fast. If you have any questions about this program, feel free to get in touch with Patriot Chevy of Warminster.

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