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Even if your used Chevrolet car has given you years of great reliance, it could be time for a change. If you’re ready for something new, these tips can help you get more for it when selling or trading it in:

Address Minor Issues
Because you’re selling your car, you probably don’t want to spend any more money on it than you have to, and this makes sense. However, if you want to boost the sale price, you should consider fixing little issues.

These could include scrapes and scratches, small dents, or window chips. If something small needs to be replaced, like a headlight bulb, think about taking care of that as well.

Get Your Documents in Order
Have you kept records of all of the maintenance you’ve gotten for your vehicle? It’s time to find them. Even if they are saved digitally, you should print them out and bring them to the dealership. In addition to service, if your car has had any repairs or replacements, bring those records too.

Find Out the Car’s Value
Finally, it’s important that you get a very good idea of what your car is worth. This will let you set a fair price for it. Plus, you will have the option of seeing what you may be able to get for your car either by selling it or using it as a trade-in.

At Patriot Chevy of Warminster, we make selling a car easy. All you need to do is fill out our online form and then schedule an appraisal. Once we take a look at your vehicle, we will make you a cash offer.

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