Chevy Service 101: Getting Stuck in Snow

February 16th, 2022 by

Tired of all the snow we’ve gotten? The good news is that spring is on the horizon. The bad news is that Mother Nature may not be done with us quite yet when it comes to the white stuff. This is why our Chevy service center has put together this guide that can help you dig your car out of snow.

Turn Off the Traction Control

Traction control is extremely helpful when trying to navigate slippery roads. But, when you’re trying to get your car out of a snowbank, it will actually impede your efforts. Be sure to turn this off, but don’t forget to turn it back on when you’re unstuck.

Clear the Snow

It’s important that you clear as much snow as you can from around the tires. Also, remove any snow that has piled up higher than the bumpers.

Start Rocking

The next step is to create momentum so you can get moving. Alternate between putting the car in drive and reverse and move as much as you can in both directions. Don’t press too hard on the gas pedal; slow and steady is the best way.

Add Some Traction

If the rocking doesn’t work, it’s time to add traction. You can do this by putting salt or dirt under your tires. If you don’t have either of those things – but you do have a cat – kitty litter can also be effective. Now try rocking the car again.

If you constantly find yourself getting stuck in the snow, you may want to think about adding snow tires to your car. To have a set installed, get in touch with the service center at Patriot Chevy Warminster.


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