Chevrolet Service 101: Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

March 22nd, 2022 by

In order for your Chevy car to run as it’s supposed to, all parts and systems have to be perfect. One thing that can get out of whack pretty easily – especially if you often drive on bumpy roads – is your alignment. This is why the regular Chevrolet service you get for your car should include an alignment check.

What is an Alignment?

An alignment involves correcting your car’s suspension. To do this, the tires are examined from there different angles: front, side, and from the top. This lets technicians know exactly where they need to make adjustments.

Signs of an Alignment Problem


If the car veers to one side of the road or another seemingly of its own volition, almost certainly the alignment is no longer perfect.


Sometimes two tires work against each other. If your car shakes while driving, a bad alignment could be forcing these tires to pull the vehicle in opposite directions.

Worn-Down Tire

Have you noticed that one tire seems to be more worn down than the others? This could be because the alignment is putting more pressure on it.

Crooked Steering Wheel

On a straight road, your steering wheel should be level. If you have to alter it so it’s at an angle to stay straight, this is another alignment warning sign.

Don’t Wait to Have Your Alignment Checked

Because a bad alignment is a safety hazard, you don’t want to ignore any red flags. If any of the above symptoms are familiar, make an appointment with the service center at Patriot Chevy of Warminster. Our trained and certified technicians will give you quality work that you will find reliable.


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