Chevy Service and the Importance of Wheel Alignment

When our customers come to us for Chevy service, one of the most common reasons for the visit is related to their Chevy’s wheel and tires. As much as everyone is aware of services such as tire rotations and checking tire pressure, another essential service is wheel alignment. We want every customer to that visits Patriot Chevy Warminster to be in tune with their vehicle and we’re happy to spread the knowledge to all owners of Chevy cars.

Is Wheel Alignment Related to Tires?

A lot of the issues that one might attribute with your Chevy vehicle’s wheels are typically more specifically tire problems as they are what will be commonly affected by wear and tear or through damage. However, it’s important to remember that there is a distinction between tire and wheel as the former is an inflated rubber casing and the wheel is the metal grouping that’s attached to the vehicle.

Understanding What Wheel Alignment Service Is

You don’t have to visit Patriot Chevy Warminster for us to tell you what wheel alignment entails. Our technicians ensure each of your wheels are aligned by checking the angles for the caster, camber, and toe. This will keep your vehicle easy to handle and lessen the possibility of your wheels or tires being damaged.

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

As precise as wheel alignment angles need to be, it is possible for them to become misaligned. All vehicles are susceptible to this, from a new Chevy Equinox to a Certified Pre-Owned Chevy Silverado 1500. Bringing in your Chevy vehicle for routine maintenance and practicing safe driving can mitigate these problems, but the following can still be the underlying cause:

  • Driving Into or Onto Curbs
  • Incorrect Height Modifications
  • Driving Over Potholes
  • Vehicle Collisions
  • Wear and Tear

The signs that your wheels might be misaligned are thankfully easy to notice. Some of them include an off-center or vibrating steering wheel, as well as hearing unusual noises.

Trust Us with Your Chevy Service

All of us here at our Chevrolet dealership strongly encourage our customers to keep a watchful eye on their vehicle and on when it’s time again for a routine inspection. Upkeeping your vehicle is a vital obligation for keeping you and your passengers safe. Patriot Chevy Warminster can help you out with all our many available Chevy services.